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Healthy Recovery Systems develops online Mental Health Apps (MHApp) combined with low-profile wearable devices which aid mental health care providers and their patients in identifying, treating and monitoring mental health and substance use disorders.  (Dual diagnosis)

The system gathers and interprets both physiological** and psychological data regarding the patient’s condition before, during and post-treatment.  Leveraging advanced algorithms and mathematical formulas, the system provides customized treatment protocals for individual patients, and a real-time interface with their therapist.

** The biometric device is in development.  Estemated integration is spring of 2020
Some of the elements are intentionally left out of the diagram below due to poprietery research conditions.  The purpose of the biosensor diagram is included to illistrate the interconnection between the psycometric and the biometric interconnectivity.  click on any of the images below to enlarge.

The Biosensor / Psychometric Synchronization Model

 The Healthy Recovery Plan
(Personal Psychometric Worksheet)

Realtime "feeling" measure.  Progress graph viewable through the admin account.

Click on the question-mark icon, and the system generates possible solutions

Interactive Problem-solving Community Forum

Interactive Problem-solving Checklist

Self-reporting Outcome Measure (weekly)

Weekly "Quality of Life" Analysis and Summary

 "At a glance" Progress Reports for both realtime "mood" and Weekly QoL